Get Raiven. Get savin’.

Raiven compares the best prices and availability of products from your suppliers while you shop online

We’re working on a mobile extension, but in the mean time, let’s help you get Raiven for your desktop browser!

Available for your favorite browsers!

No need to hunt

Close all those useless browser tabs! Simply shop the way you always shop. The Raiven extension will help find information and availability for the products you need. You have enough on your plate, so why worry about having to hunt to find what you’re looking for—let us find it for you!

See your price

See your uniques pricing when you’re shopping. No need to sign in or punch out every time. Just shop the way you normally do, and when matching or similar products are found, they’ll show up with your custom price. Never worry about missing a better option.

Get local availability

Quickly see your item’s availability, both for shipping and local pick up! It’s easy to make sure your items arrive on time and where you need them, or get in your hands as soon as possible.